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These are the scanned images form our trip to CA. Before completing work on these images I need to know what to
prepare them for. Some will be slides for slide shows. Some will be prints (16x20) and slides. I need to know which are
definitely scheduled for prints and how many of each. All have been scanned at resolutions that may be printed. These sizes
are much too large for viewing as slides. Images that are going to be printed may also be slides, we handle those differently.

The Prints

First of all I know you have different plans for the each of the prints. Some are going to be gifts for clients and some are going to
be used for the new office walls. Other enlargements should be made while the work is being preformed but they
have no immediate purpose.

Prints look much better and much more professional if a matte is used around the print inside the frame. However this
is another step and another expense. My thought is to produce a matte that is printed with the photo enlargement.

The outside frame would be the actual frame purchased by you or I can purchase the frames, mount them and ship ready to hang.
Most of the images will fit this frame format. So if you were to do the new office pictures, each would look like this. Would you want the
same look for those that are gifts? Do you like this matting? This is a 16x20 frame with a 10 x 14 inch image within the frame matte. Can
be larger or smaller. OR you can have just prints without the matting, same prices apply - your choice.

The other piece is cost. Each print is 25.00. Each Frame is 20.00. Shipping might be accomplished if you are still making runs to Seattle.
Rich, when I was there you wanted 4 each of each print. I just want you to know what this will cost you up front. AND there are a number of prints that
require graphic arts work that would add more time and cost to the project. Ultimately, we are preparing the images for what ever is needed (brochure)
down the road so when we get to that point, the this portion of the project will already be done. The scans are good but of course they are
not as good as images produced from the negatives as first runs. They will most definitely be acceptable for displaying or I wont ship them.

These galleries will eventually be open to the public viewing as galleries... Time well spent.

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